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                  In 1957, Omega launched three watches for the professional market in one go, namely 'Seamaster300' Seamaster 300, 'Speedmaster' and 'Railmaster'.In the later version, the color of the ceramic outer ring has changed to wine red + dark blue, which we call MK2.Since the overall arch design is not only a soft and gentle curve, but also fits on the wrist, it can be said that it has achieved the dual enjoyment of aesthetics and use in terms of vision and wearing.





                  What's more unique is that the Swatch Group takes Certina as its first brand to be equipped with Nivachron antimagnetic balance springs.In my opinion, 'fashion top watches' he also begun to take the technical route. This is the development trend of the watch industry in recent years, and a new trend will also be set off in the future.Of course, the engring content on the watch is not all as affectionate as Joanne. There are all kinds of content. Some are for birthday or wedding anniversary, some are a special experience, and some may be a corporate milestone... or December. At the New York auction, there was a TAG Heuer Monaco watch with the words 'ToHaigLeMans1970' on the back of the case. It was one of the Monaco watches worn by Steve McQueen when he shot the movie 'LeMans' in the 1970s. The square chronograph is well-known because of McQueen.



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